#2 Spread petition

The first day of your petition is the most important one! You have started an online petition and it’s obvious to look for supporters online. openPetition offers various functions for that. At the bottom of your petition’s text you can find the following options:

E-Mails and messenger: Send your petition via email to all your contacts. Thanks to personal emails, people sign petitions more frequently than for any other reason. Don’t neglect messengers such as iMessage, WhatsApp or Telegram, many people use them. Create a group with all your contacts and their contacts and send them a link to your petition. The petition of student Dario reached over 45.000 people – in 48 hours! Send your petition to organisations or clubs which might support your cause and ask them to spread your petition.

Social media: Facebook, twitter and instagram are essential to reach as many people as possible. Found a facebook group or page and regularly post photos, news and ask your friends to share and spread your messages. Press articles about the topic or your petition are perfect material for creating a new post. Newspapers often post links to individual articles which you can repost and add content to. Also, public holidays which are connected to your petition or draft laws are good material for a post. Ask organisations or clubs to share your petition on their pages.

Especially on facebook there are groups for every cause. Use that and publish your petition there. Always use the same #Hashtag for your posts and tag related stakeholders. Very important: Include the petition link in all your posts. There is a short link on every petition’s page, use it!

Keep us updated which events on social media you have planned and send us photos and videos. In doing so, we can support you and give feedback. On facebook and twitter you can always tag us: use @openPetition on facebook and @oPetition on twitter and choose our profile. We stay informed and can share your post on our channels.

Widget and banner: You have the opportunity to add a widget to your own or your friends’ website. Widgets allow supporters to directly sign on the website without visiting openPetition first. You can decentralise the process of collecting signatures. Another possibility is to add a banner to your website which redirects supporters to the petition’s page.

If the petition gains a lot of signatures during the first days you can generate a lot of attention and take this energy with you into the hot phase of the collection period. During all these steps we support you. It is important to keep us updated - if you show engagement, we will show engagement for you as well.

This is the starting signal - but how to continue? With videos, photos and offline events you will create your own roadmap to success.

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