Guidelines for a successful petition


How to create a successful petition

Having an idea, create a petition and send it – that’s tempting, but unfortunately hardly ever results in the desired effects. It is worth sitting down and thinking about it before starting a petition. Depending on your topic and concerns, a petition might take up a lot of your time and rarely goes like a clockwork. External circumstances might change and you should be prepared for surprises. This is why we recommend to elaborate a strategy, starting with the date of publication and a successful action plan. Here you can find a list of the most important steps leading to a successful petition.


1. Preparation
a) Schedule – what happens when?
b) Analysis of stakeholders – what’s important?

2) The Who-How-What of a petition
a) Recipient
b) Region and deadline
c) Quorum and collection target

3) Presenting in a convincing manner
a) Title
b) Picture
c) Text

4) Publishing – successful from day 1!

5) Collect signatures – the crucial phase
a) Prepare material – videos and sharepics
b) Spread the news – use the internet to your advantage
c) Commitment – don’t neglect the offline world
d) Public Relations – generate attention
e) Dialogue – Contact decision-makers

6) Signatures collected. What now?
a) Submit, submit, submit!
b) Submission as an event
c) Keep supporters updated

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