Publishing – the first day counts!

The time has finally come, schedule, analysis of stakeholders, text, picture and title have been prepared and your petition is ready to go online. Whilst clicking the “Start petition” button, a few other things should happen simultaneously. The first day counts!

Ideally, you have prepared an email you can send to all your contacts. Spread your petition via several social media channels as well as instant messengers such as WhatsApp or Telegram. Prepare a press release and send it to the local press and to other media, which might be interested in your cause. We recommend hosting an offline event for the start of your petition to get photo material and to have a story to tell the press. If possible, you should definitely shoot a short video. Complex contexts can be easily explained using a combination of words and moving pictures. Also, this format is ideal for spreading your cause via social media and instant messengers.

Derived from your analysis of stakeholders which you have conducted before starting your petition, you know which stakehlders are the most important ones for your cause. You should contact them immediately. You should also inform the recipient of your petition about your cause.

If your petition receives a lot of attention in the first days, take all that energy with you to the hot phase of the collection period.

We support you during all these steps. It is important to keep us up to date. Once we notice you put a lot of effort into your petition, we will, too. Tag us in publications in social media and send us press releases. If we know of events before, we can advise you and spread your cause via our channels where applicable.

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