YES to underground cables - NO to polluting high voltage powerlines

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Änderungen an der Petition

alle ore 23/04/2019 16:04


Neuer Petitionstext: Our goal is to protect Austria and the european European environment from high voltage powerlines, now and in the future.
It is our hope that this petition will be supported by european European parliamentarians before and after the european European elections of 2019.
The reasoned approval of the 380–kV high voltage powerline in Salzburg and the 110-kV projects is a clear demonstration of how urgent the need is to address this matter at the level of the european European parliament, so that the electricity supply companies are forced to adopt a more responsible attitude.
What do we want to change?
As a law firm representing a range of stakeholders, we attach particular importance to ensuring that the power supply to EU citizens complies with the latest, safest and most environmentally sound standards.
Electricity transport in the European Union is currently almost exclusively via power transmission lines. Ground cables should be used for future installations.
After the EU European elections in 2019, the Council of the European Union and the EU European Parliament should firstly establish the "State of the art of power supply for overhead lines and underground cables".
We want to protect the beautiful home countries of our EU European Union from negative consequences, such as the massive disfigurements caused by thousands of kilometers of overhead power lines, and leave our children, grandchildren and great- grandchildren an environment without meaningless environmental destruction.
We need the support of those political groups that are committed to the people and to an intact environment.

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Änderungen an der Petition

alle ore 23/04/2019 14:47


Neue Begründung: Reasons
1. Earth cables are in contrast to power lines sustainable, reliable and visually inconspicuous.
2. Swiss Federal Court: Case Riniken AG - Judgment 1 C 398/2011
Judgement BGE 137 II 266
The judgment removes all previous negative views of the underground cable.
3. No forest fire danger. Example Northern California: Location Paradise 86 deaths at "Camp Fire" in the summer of 2018. Pacific Gas & Electric Co - Largest US energy supplier went bankrupt January 2019!
4. E-smog: with lateral distance dramatic decrease in field strength; a few meters are enough.
5. Transmission losses with underground cables are approx. 50% lower!
6. larger diameters are possible with earth cable.
7. The reliability of underground cables is 7 times (!) better than overhead lines
(previous claim until then was just the other way around).
8. Ground wiring is only 1.6 times more expensive than an overhead line (previous claim until then was 11-40 times)
9. The transport losses of a ground cabling are 3-4 times lower than for an overhead line and must be credited for a period of 80 years. (previously disregarded)
10. The soil warming amounts to maximum 1 ° C (previous assertion 4-8 ° C)

Unterschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Änderung: 266

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