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Protest New Townhouse Development on Pascack Road in Washington Township, Bergen County, NJ

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Zoning board of Washington Township, Bergen County, NJ 07676
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20 supporters
4% achieved 500 for collection target
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Please beware of the plan to transform the property at 44 Pascack Road to a 14 unit townhouse development.


The nearby road intersection of Pascack Road and Linwood Ave is already heavily congested. Multiple requests to install traffic light were declined citing multiple towns and county sharing the road. If town goes through with this plan, the exiting from Washington Township development will become very challenging and will lead to an increase in the traffic accidents.

In addition to signing petition, please join the zoning board meeting on the zoom on June 18th, 2024 at 7:30 pm est

Thank you for your support, Olga Shalyt from Township of Washington,
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As you may know, there is a plan to build multiple townhouses on the property at 44 Pascack Rd (across Washington Pond development, near the intersection between Linwood Ave and Pascack Rd). Our area is densely populated, and both roads are congested, especially, at their unregulated intersection. If this plan is implemented, the exit from Pond Dr to Pascack Rd becomes a challenge, especially for the vehicles turning left. Also, will there be section 9 housing here?

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