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Basic data
Federal state / province: Schleswig-Holstein
Rural district Kreis Herzogtum Lauenburg
Municipalities association: Amt Schwarzenbek-Land
Elected representatives: Bürgermeister Thomas Stich
Inhabitants: 128
entitled to vote: ~ 96
Quorum data
oPetition Quorum: (signatures)    17
Convene an open council: (signatures) nicht zulässig
Einwohnerantrag / Bürgerantrag: (signatures) 7
Bürgerbegehren: (signatures) ~ 10
Bürgerentscheid: (signatures) ~ 20
Contact info
Representatives: List of representatives
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Petition to postal address: Bürgermeister Thomas Stich
Gülzower Straße 1
21493 Schwarzenbek

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