More and faster therapy courses for people with mentally illness

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Der Petent wird gebeten seine Aussage mit Quellen zu belegen. Betreffend "Im Notfall gibt es keine Therapieplätze für depressive, Suizid gefährdete, Bulimie erkrankte und anderweitig psychisch erkrankte Menschen in Krisen. Eher gesagt für Kassenpatienten!"

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text of the petition

There are not enough therapy courses for people in trouble, with depression, suicide thoughts and other mentally illness. This have to be changed. As a person who knows that, I’ll want to do something against that. There are to much suicide cases. Nobody wants to fight alone.

Please help.

In today’s generation is mentally illness underrated, that’s sad. Don’t ignore that, there are a lot of people, young and old, who needs help and which feel very bad.

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