160,076 votes have been received.

196,597 approvals were given in topic voting on openPetition .

Unfortunately, you can no longer order voting documents.

First nationwide referendum

self-organized | nonprofit | democratically

step 1

topic suggestions

In February, topics for ABSTIMMUNG21 could be suggested through petitions.

Level 2

topic voting

In March, we presented all of the suggested topics that made it into the voting to 8 million openPetition activists.

level 3

Nationwide voting

The topic proposal with the most votes in the voting was voted on.

step 1: topic suggestions (129)

This stage is over.
No further topics can be proposed via petition.
A total of 262 petitions were proposed, of which 133 reached level 2 .

Level 2: topic voting (133)

This stage is over.
In March, all suggested topics could be voted on with at least 100 signatures.
Only signatures from openPetition activists counted, so as not to give big lobby groups and networks an advantage.
This is how the voting worked

The topic proposal with the most signatures becomes the subject of the first nationwide referendum.
Winner in the voting among the permitted voting topics:

Note: The topic "Abolition of the contribution financing of public broadcasting" has been declared inadmissible after a renewed examination of the admissibility, because the Bundestag is not responsible here, but the state parliaments of the federal states. Correct responsibilities are necessary to ensure the proper conduct of voting.

level 3: Nationwide voting

344,556 people have ordered the voting papers. 160,076 sent them back and thus took part in the first self-organized nationwide referendum. They voted on the four topics "No profits from hospitals", "Objection rules for organ donation", "Climate change measures" and "Introduction of nationwide referendums".

Would you like to know what came out of the vote? Here are the results:
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Booklet with the inscription

voting booklet

Before voting, you will be informed! So that everyone is equally informed and can form their own opinion, neutral voting booklets with pro and contra arguments are drawn up and made available to everyone. The voting booklet is an integral part of the voting.

Diverse people look at the camera, a group selfie


Before voting, there is a debate! House parliaments are private rounds of talks that debate a political issue. With the house parliaments, we want to enable civil society engagement where opinions are formed: at home when eating together with the family, when talking to friends and acquaintances in the café, at the regulars’ table or in the park. With the house parliaments, we want to make the exchange of opinions and discussions an integral part of referendums.

Map of Germany with a ballot box labeled '2021 referendum'

Nationwide voting

With ABSTIMMUNG21 we organized the first nationwide referendum in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany - with you! Because more than 160,000 people voted by post on the four topics in September. And we won't stop until nationwide referendums are a reality. So be sure to come back next year!

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