First nationwide referendum

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step 1

Suggested topics

In February issues can for ABSTIMMUNG21 are proposed by petitions.

Level 2

voting issues

In March we 8m openPetition -active all threads proposals that have made it to the voting.

level 3

Nationwide voting

The theme proposal that scores the most votes in the voting, will issue the first nationwide vote.

step 1: Suggested topics (130)

Still 3 Tage to topics for ABSTIMMUNG21 are proposed.
Suggested topics with at least 100 signatures come into the threads voting.
The signatures of -100 incremented to 0 to show how many signatures to qualify for voting are still missing.
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Your theme is not here yet?
Beat now an issue for the nationwide referendum before!

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Level 2: voting issues (117)

Still 34 Tage can be tuned in the voting on the proposals submitted.
Only signatures of openPetition -type active (have before 08.02.2021 signed a petition or started) count as voice in the voting.
The proposed topic with the most votes will issue the first nationwide referendum.
So the voting works

level 3: Nationwide voting

At least one million people are to vote in time for the parliamentary elections on four themes:
Referendums at the federal level, measures for climate reversal and two outstanding issues to be determined by petitions.
So that all are equally informed and can form their own opinions, voting issues are worked out with neutral pro and con arguments and allows exchange between citizens in local parliaments.
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Booklet with the words

voting Issue

From May, the documents required for voting can be ordered in advance - of course, we say again know when it's done!

Different people look into the camera, a group selfie

House Parliaments

To support exchange and opinion, we accompany the four themes on household parliaments.

Map of Germany with a ballot box with the inscription

Nationwide voting

All eligible voters in Germany can vote parallel to the general election in September 2021 for four issues.

Help us organize the first nationwide referendum! So that we can finance ballot booklets, election documents and postage, we are dependent on donations.

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