Already 112.501 voting documents were openPetition ordered.

196.615 Consents were issues voting on openPetition issued.

Still 112 days voting materials can be ordered.

First nationwide referendum

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step 1

Suggested topics

In February issues can for ABSTIMMUNG21 are proposed by petitions.

Level 2

voting issues

In March we 8m openPetition -active all threads proposals that have made it to the voting.

level 3

Nationwide voting

The theme proposal that scores the most votes in the voting, will issue the first nationwide vote.

step 1: Suggested topics (129)

This stage is completed.
No more topics are proposed by petition.
Total: 262 proposed petitions, of which 133 Level 2 've achieved.

Level 2 is not reached

Level 2: voting issues (133)

This stage is completed.
In March all threads proposals could at least 100 signatures are voted.
Here, only the signatures of listed openPetition -active to large lobby associations and networks to be no advantage.
So worked the voting

The proposed topic with the most signatures will issue the first nationwide referendum.
Winner in voting among the permissible Agenda Items:

Winners in Voting

Note: The topic "abolition of the contribution funding of public broadcasting" has been declared after re-examination of the admissibility inadmissible because the Bundestag here is not responsible, but the state legislatures of the states. Correct powers are necessary to ensure the proper conduct of the vote.

level 3: Nationwide voting

At least one million people are to vote in time for the parliamentary elections on these four themes:
No profits with hospitals, conflict regulation in organ donation, measures for climate reversal and the introduction of nationwide referendums.

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Booklet with the words

voting Issue

Before the vote, be informed! So that all are equally informed and can form their own opinions, neutral ballot booklets are developed with pro and con arguments and made available to all people. The voting booklet is part of the voting documents.

Different people look into the camera, a group selfie

House Parliaments

Before the vote, will be debated! House parliaments are private discussions, the debate into a political issue. The house parliaments we intend to provide where opinions are formed civic engagement: home eating together with the family, in conversations with friends and acquaintances in the cafe, in the pub or in the park. We are currently preparing the house parliaments of the four topics and then invite everyone cordially to one.

Map of Germany with a ballot box with the inscription

Nationwide voting

With ABSTIMMUNG21 we organize the first nationwide referendum in West Germany - with you! For at least one million people are to vote by absentee ballot in September on the four themes.

Help us organize the first nationwide referendum! So that we can finance ballot booklets, election documents and postage, we are dependent on donations.

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