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Starting a petition, the use of our platform and all its functions, which is aimed at (semi-) governmental receiver is free. For campaigns that are aimed at non-state receiver, a one-time service fee.

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Tips & Guidance


The title is the first thing others will see of you petition. It should state clearly, what your concern is and invite to read on. Without a striking title your concern may go unnoticed.


Set up your concerns to the recipient who can really make a decision about it. In a petition to your political concern is aimed (for free) to a (partially) state receiver. Campaigns with non-state receivers we charge a one-time service charge.

Requirement & justification

Clarify the problem. Why does it have to be done NOW? Is a decision coming up? Are facts being created? Make a concrete claim! How do supporters contribute to the solution?

Meaningful picture

The perfect picture sums up your petition at the first sight. A picture can underline your issue, attract attention and motivate people to sign the petition. Petitions with pictures are more spreaded by people than without a picture. Royalty-free images can be found here and here
Make sure you have the rights of use necessary for using the picture.

Questions & Answers

We all start small: We are happy to help you so that your concerns are heard. We answer the most common questions in our FAQs . If you can't find your answer there, please send us a message to .

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