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Starting a petition, the use of our platform and all its functions, which is aimed at (semi-) governmental receiver is free. For campaigns that are aimed at non-state receiver, a one-time service fee.


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The title is the first thing others will see of you petition. It should state clearly, what your concern is and invite to read on. Without a striking title your concern may go unnoticed.

Set up your concerns to the recipient who can really make a decision about it. In a petition to your political concern is aimed (for free) to a (partially) state receiver. Campaigns with non-state receivers we charge a one-time service charge.

Clarify the problem. Why does it have to be done NOW? Is a decision coming up? Are facts being created? Make a concrete claim! How do supporters contribute to the solution?

The perfect picture sums up your petition at the first sight. A picture can underline your issue, attract attention and motivate people to sign the petition. Petitions with pictures are more spreaded by people than without a picture. You can find them here and here
Make sure you have the rights of use necessary for using the picture.

Everybody starts small: We will gladly help you to make your request heard. The most common questions we answer in our FAQs. If you can not find your answer there, feel free to write us a message .

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