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The title is the first thing others will see of you petition. It should state clearly, what your concern is and invite to read on. Without a striking title your concern may go unnoticed.

Address a specific person. Your addressee must be able to effect the change you want to achieve. Individual persons rarely decide all by themselves, but can make a crucial difference. Two members of the citiy councel who are still undecided may bring about a majority in favour of your ask.

Point out, why it is necessary to act right NOW: is there a decision pending? Is the situation deteriorating fast? Formulate a specific demand. How do supporters contribute to a solution?

Ask yourself: what motivated yourself to start the petition? Was there a trigger event? Is thre an unbearable situation? What could motivate others to support you: why should they sign? Point out the chances: what positive turn could the situation take, if your demand is fulfilled?

A picture is worth a thousand words and can be used to visualise your concerns, to create attention and to encourage people to participate. People are used to thinking in pictures and like to share them with others.
Make sure you have the rights of use necessary for using the picture.

Jeder fängt mal klein an: Damit Ihr Anliegen großes Gehör findet, helfen wir Ihnen gerne. Die häufigsten Fragen von Petenten beantworten wir ins unseren FAQs. Sollten unsere Antworten Ihren Wissensdurst noch nicht stillen können, schreiben Sie uns gerne eine Nachricht an

Petitionssoftware als Service für zivilgesellschaftliche Organisationen

openPetition unterstützt Akteure der Zivilgesellschaft beim Aufbau und der Verbreitung Ihrer Kampagne.
Kontaktieren Sie uns vor Start Ihrer Petition und vereinbaren Sie eine Beratung zu Ihrem Anliegen.
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