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Bild zur Petition mit dem Thema: "Naso Tjerdi" - Protection for the indigenous Naso tribe, their forest, rivers and biodiversity "Naso Tjerdi" - Protection for the indigenous Naso tribe, their forest, rivers and biodiversity
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"Naso Tjerdi" - Protection for the indigenous Naso tribe, their forest, rivers and biodiversity


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The indiginous tribe Naso, their culture, language and home is in danger of extincion and expulsion. The Nasos are the only indiginous tribe in Panama, which does not have their own comarca (semi-autonomical land with their own determiination). Since 40 years the Nasos want and claim their own comarca "Tjerdi". The last 2500 Nasos live in a 12000 year old, untouched area of rainforest along the river "Tjerdi". This area was their home for centuries and it should stay this way. The region is part of the National Park and World Natural heritage "La Amistad" (esp. Friendship) and is one of the most biodiverse areas of the world. In this area - the area of settlement of the Nasos - hydroelectric projects are planned, which will destroy the ecosystem and Naso culture.


Panama is also called the bridge of life and equals a hotspot of biodiversity worldwide. With the project "Dbon Tjang Pjak Yo" we were able to document many species in danger of extincion like the jaguar and tapir in the area of settlement of the Nasos by setting up camera traps in cooperation with the Naso Organisation "ODESEN". However these species can only life far from human colonies. Until now the Nasos acted as a patron saint for this region. Since the hydroelectric project "Bonyic" a street is leading into exactly this area, that dissected some Naso villages already. With streets come cattle herds, chain saws and criminality. Another hydroelectric project, in the river "Shey" in the heart of the area of the Nasos would equal a murder of Naso culture, an ecolocical catastrophy and a deprivation of the status "World Natural Heritage". Dams change the ecology of rivers and of the surrounding forests. In times of rasant destruccion and deforestation of the last rainforest regions intact and a high loss in means of biodiversity, we can learn a lot from tradionional tribes and their habits to be one with the nature. Here Culture and Nature are closely linked and possess a high value for future generations. With your signature you give voice to the Naso tribe away from medial presence. We want to send this petition together with our research results of the project "Dbon Tjang Pjak Yo" to the Pan-American government. Please share this petition with friends and aquaintences. Find more infomation here:

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