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Petition to cancel the demolition permit for Ettelbrück railway station

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Bürgermeister der Stadt Ettelbrück
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Dear Mr Mayor Schaaf,

With great interest I have read your parliamentary inquiry concerning the preservation of the passenger building of the Ettelbruck railway station. Needless to say I am disappointed by the reply of the ministers.

With the demolition works of the railway station ahead in the next weeks, an important witness of the urban fabric of Ettelbruck depicting the social and economic transformation of the country will disappear for good. With its particular architecture, it is also a unique witness of the time when the Luxembougish railway system was subordinate to both French and German Alsace-Lorraine head offices.

You will no doubt be well aware that the national commission for the historical sites and monuments COSIMO unanimously approved its classification as a national monument in 2009.

In order for this unique building not be destroyed, we are calling on you to withdraw the demolition permit, you issued on April 23rd, 2021. You have the legal means to do it!

Such redemption would not prevent any progress of works such as the upgrade of the railway and bus networks, but it would allow to gain time to consider how the historic building of the Ettelbruck railway station can be preserved.



The Ettelbrück railway station is an important witness of the development of the city of Ettelbruck and, moreover, of the social and economic development of our country into an industrial nation.

Thank you for your support, Peter Kleijnenburg from Luxembourg
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  • Dudelange

    on 08 Sep 2021

    Too many old beautiful buildings get demolished for so-called energy-saving constructions, which are often a) ugly, b)badly built, so not energy-saving and c) do molder extremely fast, so they need to be rebuilt in relatively short time (waste of ressources)

  • Luxembourg

    on 05 Sep 2021

    Mantenir l’histoire du pays ou j’habite et l’identite’ de sea villes.

  • on 03 Sep 2021

    I feel that far too many old buildings are being torn down in Luxembourg. We are losing the heritage of the country. These buildings have an interesting history which we should not lose. Other countries I enjoy visiting (Denmark, Portugal, etc) are so interesting and attractive partly due to the fact they keep the old buildings in their cities which people love to see.

  • Bw

    on 02 Sep 2021

    We need to preserve history

  • Walter Perkins Rochester, New York

    on 30 Aug 2021

    Old buildings are part of a country’s heritage and history……..whenever possible, they should be maintained and used, perhaps for a different purpose than they were built for. The surviving buildings of the Roman Empire are those which were saved by being used and maintained by the church……such as the Constantine Basilica in Trier.

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