In recognition for her outstanding distinguished services in entertainment, TV, screen and film media, heritage and in enhancing Ireland's reputation abroad. We like to have her included as a nominated person for the Presidential Distinguished Service Award 2015.


Maureen O'Hara, born Maureen FitzSimons, Dublin, Ireland on 17th August 1920, was a major film actress and singer. Educated at the John Street West Girls' School, Dublin's Liberties Area. Started drama, music and dance, and at the age of 10 joined the Rathmines Theatre Company. Has worked in amateur theatre in the evenings.

We recently know the Film Industry thinks highly of her and she received an Honorary Award at the 2014 Governors Awards. She has over 65 movie and TV credits, staring in her first movie appearance back in 1938 at a tender age of 18 years old. Her biggest and well know break was when in Hollywood with the help of Charles Laughton and many others. Had become close friends to many leading stars, film legends in the industry, notably John Ford and long-time dear friend John Wayne and co-star. The famously red-headed O'Hara has been noted for playing fiercely passionate heroines with a highly sensible attitude, while at the same time keeping to here Irish roots. Ireland was never for from her many roles.

Now immortalised to a degree by the recent protection of the Quiet Man film's cottage, yet to be restored to its former glory. She has become a living legend and a great figure for Irish heritage. Her autobiography, 'Tis Herself, was published in 2004 and was a New York Times best-seller. She is one of the last living actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

She received the Heritage Award by the Ireland-American Fund in 1991 and 2004 honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Irish Film and Television Academy. Was named Irish America‍ '​s "Irish American of the Year" in 2005

Its time to give honour Maureen, by the people's representative, the President of Republic of Ireland. It a nice birthday present, happy birthday Maureen.

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Announcement from Irish Heritage Group - Actor Maureen O’Hara dies aged 95. Her family confirmed in a statement that Maureen passed away peacefully in her sleep at her home in Boise, Idaho, USA on Saturday (24-10-2015) morning surrounded by family.