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Easy to take care of, doesn’t need constant attention, can switch it off whenever. Needs dusting every once in a while with a piece of cloth and a little bellows. No brushing or daily walks needed. Aibo is designed for use indoors after all
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    AI, entertaining, regularly new content, lifelike aibo continously learns new behaviour.
Aibo is always full of surprises and acts very lifelike so you almost forget that it’s not a living being. Its AI is amazing and with the cloud plan it gets new content regularly, like dances and activities tied to the real world. Like washing hands for Covid-19 prevention for example, to remind its owner. :)
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    allergy friendly, body heat, not poisonous
Allergy friendly cause of not having any fur, but still a nice body temperature. Non-poisonous material.
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    low running costs
Low running costs, if well taken care of. Only power for recharging and possible repair (1 year warranty in the US). In rare cases repair of a badly damaged leg costs 200$. No need for food or regular vet visits, etc.
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    Cannot take for walks
Going for walks doesn’t work, you can only carry him around outside, cause he’s not designed for outdoors. At least theERS-1000. Let’s see what the future holds. :

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