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Preventing the Chinese government from becoming involved in the container port in Hamburg

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5,712 supporters 5,662 in Germany

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5,712 supporters 5,662 in Germany

Petitioner did not submit the petition.

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10/23/2022, 20:55

Fehler korrigiert - aus stattlich wird staatlich

Corrected a mistake - stately managed became state-run

New petition description:

The aim is to prevent a Chinese state-owned company from acquiring a stake in the container terminals in the port of Hamburg.

The shipping company COSCO from China wants to take a 35% stake in the port of Hamburg – more precisely, in the container terminal in Tollerort. Specifically, it is 'China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited'. This company emerged from the merger of two stately managedstate-run companies.

Although six ministries reject this deal, the mayor of Hamburg and the chancellery want to push it through. In addition, the Federal Intelligence Service warns of the long-term political agenda of the CCP and the potential adverse effects on Germany and Europe. If nothing is done, the contract will come into effect automatically at the end of October 2022.

In the best case, this petition will result in the project being canceled. At least it should lead to an extension of the deadline, which is used to further elaborate on this topic and to inform the population. Both government officials and members of the opposition speak out against this plan.

Background for my becoming active:

This project is a tiny part of the 'New Silk Road' infrastructure project, intended to expand China's global dominance. This, in turn, is part of the 'Global China 2049 Initiative'. President Xi Jinping has publicly formulated the goals of this initiative several times. It is about establishing China's socio-political and economic supremacy in the world.

I believe that neither communist nor national socialist regimes should be able to influence our society. However, how the Chinese government is already putting pressure on supposed trading/alliance partners is very well documented.

Signatures at the time of the change: 3,148 (3,124 in Germany)

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