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On Wednesday 17 March 2021, the European Commission published a press release proposing a digital green certificate (Digital Vaccination Certificate). [1]

This certificate will serve as proof of whether a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, has received a negative test result or has recovered from COVID-19.

We call on the European Commission to make the development of the vaccination certificate open source and cost-effective.

In particular, the following points should be considered:

  1. No money to companies for development (See
  2. Active participation of the population in development
  3. Appointment of independent developers, e.g. from the field of charitable / non-profit apolitical organisations, to be responsible for development
  4. Publication of all software components including certificate and backup server software, client software etc.
  5. Good and understandable documentation
  6. Reference implementation in a common programming language e.g. C
  7. The source code should be published on an appropriate software collaboration platform e.g. Github

We call on all parties to work together constructively, regardless of political orientation, to quickly find a common solution.


[1] Cf. Coronavirus: Commission proposes a Digital Green Certificate


The people of the European Union have a right to view the source code of software that could become essential for the months and years to come and is being developed with citizens' money.

The publication of the source code and joint development and maintenance of the project ensures this transparency.

Furthermore, the publication of the program code as well as the concepts ensures that security gaps are prevented and long-term up-to-dateness is guaranteed. [1]


[1] Cf. P. 16f.,in Open Source Software: Einsatzpotenziale und Wirtschaftlichkeit

Thank you for your support, Friedrich Lucas from Siegen
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Not yet a PRO argument.

As we do not have a real pandemic,we should not alLowe Green passports.Every person has the right to not reveal health data.This is agenst human rights.Just vounerable people has to be protected and no one should be forced for Green pass

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