For the improvement of services in the immigration office Esslingen am Neckar

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Bürgermeisteramt Dezernat IV - Ordnung, Soziales, Bildung, Kultur und Sport
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This is a petition for the improvement of services in the immigration office Esslingen am Neckar. The situation for clientele and employees of the immigration Office in Esslingen is appalling. Endless waiting times for various applications which have lead and continue to lead to the loss of jobs among foreign citizens, cancellations of trips, delays in family reunions and a lot more. Appointments are not available or are already booked out months in advance. The immigration office has no phone service. Repeated inquiries by e-mail go unanswered. The only way out is a physical visit to the office during working hours without an appointment. Instead of the immigration office extending the office hours they serve immigrants without an appointment, they have restricted the times even further in the recent weeks.

Said consultation day, which is now limited to Thursdays ONLY, all tickets are already issued before the opening time at 8:00 a.m. For example, on Thursday, August 4, at 5:30 a.m., there were already more than 20 people waiting. The police stationed at the immigration office and the immigration employees are pitted against completely frustrated immigrants who are worried about their livelihood from the extension of their work permit and contracts, their travel applications or other concerns because the lack of response and prompt action has dire consequences on their lives. For example, if there is no change undertaken on the residence permit / visa in the event of a change in employer, this means that employment cannot taken up legally leading to job loss. We call on the responsible authorities to take prompt action to remedy this situation.


The current delays in the processing of applications have dire consequences on the lives of immigrants. Employment cannot be undertaken leading to loss of livelihood, cancelled travel plan with high cancellation fees, funding from the job center cannot be applied for or extended. Family reunions are delayed. Immigrants feel doomed to an neverending cycle of waiting in Esslingen.

Thank you for your support, Sebastian Sohn from Esslingen
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2 days ago

Es ist sehr Wichtig zur Verbesserung der Kompetenzen der Mitarbeiter. In meinem Fall warte ich seit 2 Jahre für ein Aufenthaltstitel. Trotz, ich mit Blaue Karte EU bin und seit 1 Jahr Fingerabdrücken gemacht habe.

3 days ago

my friends are suffering due to this

on 13 Sep 2022

I have no[ received an appointment after contacting them through online form multiple times

on 08 Sep 2022

Das Problem ist allgegenwärtig und alle, die irgendwas mit Bürgerbüros und Ausländerbehörden zu tun haben, leiden daran seit nunmehr zweieinhalb Jahren und länger.

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