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Heavy weapons from Germany for Ukraine

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Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz
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996 supporters 897 in Germany

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Ukraine requires heavy weapons to defend itself. It is even more true after the combat shifted from urban regions to the open landscapes of Eastern Ukraine. The weapons delivered until now, like anti-tank guided missiles or man-portable air-defense systems, are of little or even no use for the type of warfare that is convenient for these areas. If Germany does not support Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers will face senseless death. Germany can prevent this and must deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine, such as battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, surface-to-air guided weapons as well as coastal defense weapons and anti-ship missiles. Ukrainian military personnel must be trained by the German army to operate all those systems. The deliveries and trainings must start immediately. The behavior of the German government endangers the Ukraine’s survival.


Ukraine has not started this war and never wanted it. To withhold this country the possibility to defend itself means to pave the way for genocide. The civilians are tortured and killed by the attacking Russian troops, women are violated and become victims of sexual exploitation. Every town, every village that could be saved from the attack means people there would be spared from enormous suffering. That is important for me and should also be important for everybody who believes in democracy and human rights. Without the support from the West in general and from Germany in particular the Ukrainian state will cease to exist in its modern form. Nobody can afford to indulge in an illusion that president Putin will be satisfied with Ukraine alone, should he be victorious. A successful aggressor will always crave more.

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