We beg strongly:

  • that the monastery Reutberg may not be closed, and it may remain a spiritual place where the sisters can live
  • that the esteemed spiritual director of the monastery of Reutberg, Rev. Father Josef Beheim, may stay as priest to celebrate the Holy Mass, Baptism and Weddings
  • for further informarion: www.freunde-des-kloster-reutberg.de


The community “Sisters of the St. Francis from Reutberg” is about to be closed soon. This happens not voluntary, rather forced by Administration of the Archdiocese of Munich. The whole Monastery, the buildings, the precious antique works of art, the money, the wood and the fields would go to the Archdiocese. In the same time, the very important work of Father Josef Beheim, who celebrates the daily Holy Mass for the sisters' community and for a huge number of faithful people there, is to be terminated unilaterally by the diocese.

The dissolution of the order is surely not inevitable, because there are over and over again convents and candidates who apply for an engagement on the Reutberg. Without a priest and the sisters, the Reutberg monastery and the Church there, would be lonely and orphaned. The visitors would come and see closed doors, and the region there would lose a strong “pillar” in the life of faith.

Please help with your signature, that the Administration of the Archdiocese will think about this and rethink their way and support the sisters. The sisters have no other help than from the public!

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung, Jörg Johannes Fehlner aus Ammerthal
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  • Teresa Deckard , Chanhassen

    vor 3 Tagen

    This is a religious group with strong ties to a community that desperately wants it to remain in existence.

  • Nicht öffentlich Abilene, Texas, USA

    vor 5 Tagen

    Catholic monasteries, especially ones with time-hallowed histories, provide needed intercession for the Church and a locus for community and regional spirituality and the works of mercy. Disregard of the spiritual value of these works and the placing of the value of the physical assets above that of the primary monastic goal shows a blatant disregard for the things of God.

  • Leslie H. Higgins Northampton, MA

    vor 5 Tagen

    Save the future of religious life in the Church!

  • Willi Brüser Hirschhorn

    vor 6 Tagen

    Wahre Hirten sollten alle Möglichkeiten ausschöpfen Klöster zu erhalten!

  • David Eckert , Buffalo

    vor 7 Tagen

    We need the sisters and monasteries in the world, they pray for all of us to appease God

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