Background: The divestment of the Siemens generator plant Erfurt, recently announced by press and media, would be a serious blow to the industrial city of Erfurt, to our business partners, service providers and suppliers in the region and most of all to the employees and their families. Today the Siemens generator plant is a tangible and stable economic factor for Erfurt and eastern Germany which provides a sustainable positive impact on the entire region.

Over the past few years the Erfurt plant adopted towards quickly changing energy markets and expanded its product portfolio to innovative solutions like solar thermal energy, wind power and grid stabilizing Synchronous Condenser applications. Today the plant is successfully competing with innovative products and is making an active contribution to global electrification - Made in Germany. The expected effect of a divestment will be a strong reduction of in-house manufacturing scope, potentially leading to a gradual shut-down of the factory by a new owner. The state capital of Erfurt would thus lose its biggest industrial employer - a further step towards deindustrialization of Eastern Germany!

Siemens publicly promotes to invest in innovation and technology development in order to strategically strengthen the company. Siemens demands a culture of ownership from its employees.

This is exactly what the Erfurt plant has to offer! We the employees disapprove these divestment plans. We demand an economic reevaluation and a conceptual reorientation under Siemens responsibility, ensuring a strategic perspective for the Erfurt generator plant.



We ask for professional, political and moral support at all levels. With your signature, you can show that you support our concerns and help us to reach a reconsideration at the Siemens Board. Innovation and technology development cannot be achieved without qualified and highly motivated personnel, nor by means of divestment and lay-offs, plant closures or relocation to low-cost countries.

Many Thanks.

The employees of the Siemens Generator Plant Erfurt.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung, Frank Deutscher aus Erfurt
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