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STOP the 3. Worldwar


STOP the 3. Worldwar


There is NO need for explaining.
Everybody who is reading this, i call on you, if you have any humanity left in your heart and if you have still the desire to have personal freedom, please STOP the insanity to take into account of the 3. worldwar.
Your signature will show that you are NOT confirm with this thinking of using mititary, to resolve the problems in the Ukraine. And that you refuse to fight in this war, killing other humans, who did NOT wanted this war, same like you.
So please, release the GOOD in your heart and show action, just with your signature. You will save thousends of lifes.
I do appeal on everybody, to share this petition, ANYWHERE and so quick as you can.

In the name of all signers.

LEIPZIG, 26 Mar 2014 (aktiv bis 01 Apr 2014)


Diese Petition muss nicht erklaert werden.. An jeden der das liest: Ich rufe Dich auf, wenn du noch die Menschlichkeit in deinem Herzen traegst und wenn Du das Verlangen nach persoenlichem Frieden hast, dann BITTE stoppe mit uns diesen Wahnsinn, das ...

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