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openPetition Petition Software for your organization

  • The openPetition widget is a tool for collecting signatures for your campaign on your own website. As a paid service, we offer the ability to export contacts of your supporters and use them even after the petition has ended.
  • openPetition 's service is GDPR compliant and protects you and your future supporters from misuse of personal data.
  • If you have any questions about your campaign, please send us an e-mail


  • free widget on your website
  • Supporters can be contacted via openPetition up to five years after the end of the petition
  • for free


  • Export your own contacts: Collecting, exporting and contacting yourself requires the active consent of the respective contacts
  • Supporters can be contacted via openPetition
  • Email contacts collected on your own page in the widget can be exported
  • 35 euros/month


  • Collect contacts exclusively: Exclusive collecting, exporting and contacting requires the active consent of the respective contacts
  • Supporters can be contacted via openPetition
  • Contacts (email address & postal address) collected on your own page in the widget can be exported. openPetition does not receive the contact details of the supporters who signed via the widget.
  • 350 euros/month

Note: The billed period is the collection period of the petition. Full months are always charged. All prices are net prices. The terms of use and terms and conditions of openPetition apply.

recipients: openPetition gGmbH
IBAN: DE46 4306 0967 1140 1635 01
intended use: Title of petition

GTC for contracts with openPetition

§ 1 Termination or termination of the contract

  1. Contracts can be terminated in writing by one of the contracting parties at any time with a notice period of two weeks without stating reasons.
  2. Contracts can be terminated by both parties prematurely and without notice in written form for good cause.
    • if one of the contracting parties has culpably violated his essential contractual obligations and does not remedy the violation within the set period despite a warning and setting a reasonable deadline. No prior warning is required if it is futile or unreasonable for the contractual party entitled to terminate the contract.
    • if one contracting party behaves contrary to the contract or if it culpably fails to comply with statutory provisions which are of direct or indirect importance for the execution of this contract or if it offends against common decency and thereby threatens the other contracting party with serious damage.
  3. In the event of extraordinary termination of the contracts, the services for which no consideration has been rendered must be returned.
  4. Mutual claims for damages resulting from a termination are excluded for both contracting parties.

§ 2 Confidentiality obligations
The contracting parties undertake to maintain mutual secrecy with regard to the information obtained in connection with this contract concerning the other partner in each case.

§ 3 Transfer of Rights
The parties do not transfer any rights from the contract to third parties, unless with the written consent of the other party. This consent can only be refused for justifiable reasons.

§ 4 Exclusion of certain advertising content
Excludes advertising for petitions that contradict our Terms of Use.

§ 5 Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply to the contractual relationship and the entire legal relationship. Place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

As of: August 2018

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