• Nachricht zu einer abgeschlossenen Petition

    at 17 Feb 2020 06:39

    Vielen Dank für die viele Unterstützung. Anscheinend tut sich in dem Bereich jetzt einiges. Die Ossietzky Straße wird zur Fahrrad Straße und die Durchfahrt aus der Grabbeallee verboten.

    Ich ziehe die Petition zurück, auch weil ich nicht die Zeit habe mich darum weiter zu kümmern.

  • Änderungen an der Petition

    at 17 Mar 2019 09:11


    Parkstrasse, Pestalozzistrasse, Ossietzkistrasse

    Neuer Petitionstext: After my eight-year-old son almost died in a car accident on Pestalozzi Street on Friday, March 8, I would like to call all parents, teachers, residents of Pankow district to finally calm down the intolerable traffic situation between Mayakovsky Majakovski and Breite Strait. Strasse. Since the sidewalk was parked, he had to step into the street to see if a car was coming. It was recorded A car crashed into and rolled over.
    over him.
    Many guardian angels have made him still alive. But every day many children cross the streets on foot walking or on bicycles. At the same time, traffic is becoming more and more aggressive. The motorists drivers use these ways to avoid the traffic jam (in the morning and in the evening) in the Grabbeallee. Vehicles brake daily, cyclists are struck sideways and children are honked off the road. This can not go on like this.
    We demand:
    Pestalozzistrasse and Parkstraße: At the transition to the playground, Kita, youth center, a pedestrian crossing is to be created in addition, road sleepers / tempo and brake sleepers are to be installed along the entire route. Hardly a motorist driver stops here at the predetermined 30 km / h
    Pestalozzistrasse: Traffic calmed area / bicycle street, one-way street
    Ossietzkystr: At the crossroads to Elisabethweg, Pestalozzistr, Parkstr, it should be impossible to block the tracks.

    Unterschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Änderung: 244 (197 in Berlin Pankow)

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