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    at 09 Jan 2017 17:38

    Dear supporters of our open letter to Abdullah-bey, deputy director of the customs office at Ankara Gar,

    today, we got news from Ankara. On our behalf, the German embassy contacted Abdullah-bey by phone. The good news is: He has received our letter, and he already has posted a response to us.
    Unfortunately, we did not mention any fax number in our letter, and the customs office at Ankara Gar is not yet officially connected to the internet. So we will have to wait until the letter gets to Dresden in order to read what he has to tell us.
    The bad news is: Abdullah-hey already summarized the content in his phone conversation with the German embassy in Ankara. From his point of view, nothing has changed: We have no shipping company; so there is no way to take the relief supplies back to the EU.
    Take a deep breath...
    We are attaching a photo that was taken last October. After having negotiated for two days, we were allowed to take our ambulance out from the customs warehouse parking lot. And off we went, all the way back to Greece.
    It looks like we will not be allowed to do the same with our medical equipment.
    So, all is lost? We do not think so. it takes many small steps to readjust one's thinking. Our argument with Abdullah-bey is one of those steps. It forces everyone to think it over. The world does not make sense if it continues to be ruled in this way.
    Add another such argument, and yet another, and one day, their accumulated weight will push events into a different direction - towards peace.
    That i what our appeal is all about.
    Thank you, so much, for your support.

    Sincerely yours,
    the crew of "Dresden helps Kobane"

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