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Fight with us for my mother's right to stay. After almost 30 years of life, it's deportation!

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1,180 supporters
39% achieved 3,000 for collection target
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10/29/2022, 01:16

Die Dringlichkeit, dass die Polizei jeden Moment vor der Türe stehen kann ist erstmal nicht gegeben!

Neue Begründung:

It is an important concern that cannot be simply accepted. It is about a human life that is in danger. It is about a person who has lived in Germany for almost 30 years. It is about my mother, who is now living under the constant pressure of having the police standing in front of her door at any moment. The danger that she can be picked up and deported at any moment! It is about the family, the children she has here. It's about standing up for justice and not turning away from it. To open the eyes of what is happening and to classify it as nothing right.

Signatures at the time of the change: 640 (0 in Nürnberg)

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