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    28.06.2018 10:29 Uhr

    Dear signatories,

    In the name of the people who have launched the petition, I would like to thank everyone who has signed.

    On Monday, 18 June 2018, an alliance of Kassel city council members representing the SPD, the AfD and the CDU has voted for buying the obelisk and, at the same time, negotiating with the artist over moving it to a new site. The deadline of these negotiations is the end of June. If there is no agreement, the plan is to remove the obelisk. The aim of this decision of city councillors is worse than what we expected in the petition: the idea is to buy the obelisk, but not just in order to remove from the city centre, but to get rid of it altogether (see the HNA article www.hna.de/kassel/obelisk-kann-kassel-bleiben-ultimatum-laeuft-ende-juni-9963102.html )

    We ask you to continue sharing the petition and talking with the people around you about the topic.

    Best regards,
    Ayse Gülec

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