A memorial day / holiday in memory of the miners in NRW and Germany

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We want a holiday in memory of the mining industry in NRW and Germany.

When? The fourth of december - the day of Saint Barbara, the patron of all miners.

Please sign the petition to honor the miners who worked hard, got sick or even died and never saw daylight again.


On the 21 december the last "Zeche" (colliery) in Germany will close. When you look back at pictures of NRW it is hard to picture it without the "Zechen", they are the monuments of our cities and famous tourist attractions.

But looking back at a much different time - they were the place where the miners worked hard under circumstances not many people can even think of. Crawling on all fours, in more than 40 degrees with the constant reminder in their head that every workday could be the last day.

So many people turned sick due to their work or even died either from the aftermath of various combinations of healthissuesor in the mines.

Every single mineworker influenced the history and culture of the "Ruhrgebiet" (Ruhrarea) that we think they all deserve this day to celebrate their hard work.

Thank you for your support, Mara Alea Gosdzick from Essen
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