Disease Control and Prevention: Abolish Animal Agriculture and Close All Slaughterhouses For Good

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Abolishing animal agriculture, closing all slaughterhouses and assuming a vegan lifestyle and diet without further delay is the only way to protect us from environmental disasters and epidemics while providing a perspective for the survival of humankind. We can't afford losing any more time and must break once and for all the lobby of mafia animal exploitation and pharmaceutical industries which get rich first from sick animals then from sick people. "Improvements" are not an option when it comes to an industry with no ethics killing innocent animals. Only abolition will provide new perspectives and alternative humane working conditions. The suffering of billions of animals MUST stop. RIGHT NOW!

Our planet is on the verge of collapsing while people get sicker and sicker. If pandemics and environmental disasters have tought us anything, it's the need for RADICAL change if we want to survive. Everything we need is already there and simply requires implementation if we are willing to change. There is no simpler, better, and more cost-effective solution to our problems. And it is the only one that is ethical because ANIMALS HAVE RIGHTS.

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