Environmental & Consumer Protection, Fairness & Transparency in the Digital Age: Against TEMU (PDD)

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"Petition for Environmental and Consumer Protection, Fairness, and Transparency: Against TEMU (PDD Holding) and for Stronger EU Standards in the Digital Age"

Our Demands:

  1. Stringent Regulation and Monitoring of Products: It's essential for products sold in the EU to undergo rigorous testing and regulations to ensure they comply with EU standards for safety, health, and environmental protection.
  2. Enhanced Scrutiny of Companies: Companies, especially those with international ties, should undergo thorough scrutiny to ensure they meet legal requirements and transparency standards.
  3. Combatting Illegal Marketing Practices: There is a need to more tightly regulate and penalize aggressive and deceptive marketing, especially concerning financial offers, to protect consumers from fraudulent activities.
  4. Stronger Cooperation Among EU Member States: Increased cooperation among member states in enforcing consumer protection and financial regulations is necessary to address the cross-border nature of these issues.
  5. Heightened Data Privacy: It's crucial to further develop data privacy laws and ensure that companies, especially those with international business models, adhere to strict data protection standards.
  6. Education and Awareness: Promoting education and awareness regarding financial and consumer rights can help individuals become better protected against fraudulent schemes.
  7. Improved Visibility of Adherence to European Standards Online: We also call for better mechanisms to showcase compliance with European standards on the internet, making it easier for consumers to identify products and services that meet EU regulations.

Environmental protection, consumer safety, and health:

Products like those from TEMU, part of PDD Holding, undergo no testing or regulation outside the control of Chinese authorities. This not only accompanies massive resource wastage during production but also jeopardizes jobs in European value chains that manufacture products according to Western standards. However, it is also evident in established Western online retailers like Amazon that the distribution of unchecked products such as counterfeits or replicas not only jeopardizes consumers but also inflicts significant harm to the environment and working conditions for people worldwide.

Enforcing existing EU standards can help:

  1. CE marking: Products, especially risky ones, must bear the CE marking, signaling EU compliance.
  2. Product conformity: Manufacturers must ensure their products meet EU directives and regulations, including safety and environmental standards.
  3. Standards and certifications: Depending on the product type, specific standards and certificates may be required to confirm quality and safety.
  4. Traceability: Manufacturers must ensure traceability to act swiftly in recalls or safety issues.
  5. Consumer information: Products must provide clear information, instructions, and safety notices.

Illegal pyramid schemes disguised as "group purchases":

Companies like TEMU employ aggressive marketing strategies and a dangerous pyramid scheme which violates EU law. It targets the psychological vulnerabilities of young, less affluent, and less educated individuals, often under the influence of influencers on platforms like Instagram or TikTok.

These fraudulent systems promise high profits by using new investments to pay old investors, but they are unsustainable and result in losses.

The EU has enacted laws against fraudulent financial systems like pyramid schemes to protect consumers and investors. Member states enforce these laws and actively combat illegal financial activities.

Data privacy concerns:

Particularly, TEMU, as a Chinese company operating under the guise of a U.S. entity with a legal presence in Ireland (UK), raises doubts about actual user data protection.

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