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We call for the Federal Republic of Germany to intervene quickly in order to protect self-employed booth builders and stand construction companies, as well as riggers, companies for fair logistics and event technology, exhibition photographers and also all other companies and self-employed persons who make their living directly and professionally with trade fairs and events.


For a few weeks now, a large number of trade fairs and events have been canceled due to the corona virus.

Numerous subsistences depend on these major events.

In Germany there are thousands of self-employed trade fair builders, riggers, technicians, exhibition photographers etc. which work exclusively in this industry and just have few possibilities to reorient themselves in that extremely short time.

Most oft the stand builders and sole traders in lots of sectors of the fair can’t even probably surmount more than one month without endangering their existence and professional future.

Also fair construction companies, furniture and plant renters, event technology companies and fair logisticians quickly get into trouble. Running costs for permanent employees lead to an long-term insecure continued employment.

Thank you for your support, Martin Schön from Forst (Lausitz)
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