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KASTANIEN-KIEZBLOCK - creating a safe and liveable low traffic neighborhood

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Bezirksstadträtin für Ordnung, Umwelt, Natur, Straßen und Grünflächen Dr. Almut Neumann
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We, the "Kastanien-Kiezblock" initiative want to PREVENT the TRANSIT TRAFFIC on both sides of the lively Kastanienallee, edged by the main roads Torstraße, Brunnenstraße, Bernauer Straße and Schönhauser Allee with some simple measures like modal filters and new one-way streets and direct the traffic back to the main roads. 

We would like to achieve our goal through the following measures that can be implemented quickly:

Modal filter (diagonal)

  • Intersection Fürstenberger / Wolliner Strasse

Modal filter (blocking the road)

  • Fehrbelliner Strasse at Veteranenstrasse (west side)
  • Fehrbelliner Straße at Kastanienallee/Weinbergsweg (east side)
  • Zionskirchstraße at Kastanienallee (east side)
  • Ruppiner Strasse in front of the school "Grundschule am Arkonaplatz" - medium-term: declassification of a section of Ruppiner Strasse to create a safe connection between the school and the playground on Arkonaplatz

One-way streets

  • Wolliner Strasse from Rheinsberger towards Bernauer Strasse
  • Schwedter Straße in southern direction (from Griebenowstraße to Kastanienallee - extending the already planned one-way street section on the new cycleway at Schwedter Straße)
  • Griebenowstrasse heading towards Zionskirchplatz
  • Choriner Straße (an opposing and a diverging one-way street section between Schwedter and Torstraße)
  • Zehdenicker Straße from Weinbergsweg towards Choriner Straße
  • Establishment of an upgraded cycleway with right of way and with appropriate lane marks on Choriner /Gormannstraße between Schwedter and Torstrasse.

All modal filters are to be implemented with bollards. They are permeable for bicycles and the crew of emergency vehicles can remove the middle bollards with a triangular key if necessary.

Attached a map with suggested measures:


Kastanien-Kiezblock - creating a safe and liveable low traffic neighborhood

More than 20,000 Berliners live on both sides of the lively Kastanienallee, edged by the main roads Torstraße, Brunnenstraße, Bernauer Straße and Schönhauser Allee. The neighborhood has a lot to offer for everyone. Because of numerous schools, kindergartens and playgrounds, it is particularly attractive for young families. However, many parents are concerned about the safety of their children - because of the massive transit traffic in the neighborhood's residential streets. But also elderly are becoming increasingly unsettled by this traffic situation.

Last but not least: life and air quality in the neighborhood suffer significantly. Only for the benefit of getting through the neighborhood just a few minutes faster - by avoiding Torstrasse and the Rosenthaler Platz. And there is more and more transit traffic around the Arkonaplatz, just to save a minute or two.

We, the "Kastanien-Kiezblock" initiative want to prevent the transit traffic with some simple measures like modal filters and new one-way streets and direct the traffic back to the main roads. At the same time the existing cycleway on Choriner Strasse and Gormannstrasse and the planned cycleway on Schwedter Strasse should become more attractive for cyclists. Residents, the fire brigade, the garbage disposal and also the delivery traffic are still able to reach every point in the neighborhood - and in many cases even faster because they are no longer impeded by the massive transit traffic.

In order to simplify the political and administrative decision-making process about this neighborhood block, we made a conscious decision to only propose measures in the area of the Mitte district ("Bezirk Mitte") in order to achieve the desired effects on through traffic in both areas located in Mitte and Pankow.

In the medium term, there are further measures in the Kastanienkiez in order to make pedestrians feel safer, cycling becomes less dangerous, delivery traffic gets more space, trams can get through better, and provide more space for plants in the neighborhood. However, getting the low traffic neighborhood Kastanien-Kiezblock started is the essential prerequisite for further improvements.

You can find more information about the Kastanien-Kiezblock initiative at 

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for your support, Kastanien-Kiezblock from Berlin
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23 hours ago

Wohngebiete sollten keine Durchgangstraßen oder Abkürzungen sein. Ich würde es zudem noch begrüßen, wenn in den Straßen rund um den Mauerpark reines Anwohnerparken wäre, also ohne die Möglichkeit, mit Parkticket hier zu parken. Der Mauerpark ist für Besucher mit dem ÖPNV gut zu erreichen. Die Blechlawinen und Autos, die kreisen, um einen Parkplatz zu finden - gerade sonntags, könnten so weniger werden. Btw - ich bin selbst Autofahrerin, würde den Verkehr dennoch gerne reduziert sehen.

1 day ago

Es gibt sehr viele Kindergaerten, Spielplaetze und enge Strassen in der Gegend.

1 day ago

Verkehrsberuhigung wichtig für Gesundheit...Stressabbau....Atemwege

1 day ago

Weil mir wichtig ist, dass der Autoverkehr innerhalb der Stadt reduziert wird!

1 day ago

Ich wohne hier und will mehr Sicherheit v.a. für Kinder und einen lebenswerteren Kiez

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