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Petition to amend the Management Accounting test HSRW SoSe 2019

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Prof. Dr. LL.M. (USA) Heiko Wilde, Prof. Dr. Ralf Klapdor
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Lower the minimum point to pass the Management Accounting examination SoSe 2019 for TL, IB, GD, NT students


While the content throughout the lectures of Prof. Dr. Ralf Bauer in Management Accounting was attainable, the content of its exam, however, did not reflect what has been done in the lectures as well as the tutorial session.

  • The exam was overcomplicated, lengthy, or remotely as difficult as the exercises in the class. It featured a limited amount of theoretical questions, which maximum contributed to 17 per cent of the paper, while the application parts of the exam were not easy enough to attain the passable score.

  • Within the time given and the means of scoring the paper, this is simply impossible to do all the task within 2 hours when the questions were very lengthy.

  • There are some mistakes and/or ambiguity in the wording of the tasks which leads to misunderstanding while solving the task.

We would like to call for:

  • Lower the minimum point to pass for the examinees.

  • More tutorial sessions that are fit for the exam level.

  • More relevant and to-par lectures from Prof. Dr. Ralf Bauer to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future. 

Please support this petition by your university email (e.g., where '12345' is your matriculation number) to ensure the authenticity of the exam participants.

Thank you for your support, Nguyen The Duy Anh from Bedburg-Hau
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A study of laws or mathematics did never count to be anything to achieve easily at University Cologne from 1980 to 1990. For Law: The median of achievement of students participating were the barrier to have passed. For Mathematics, achieve a level of 50% of weekly written exercise, otherwise you can't take the exam. Achieve 50% of the exam to pass it. If then the amount of students, who passed, were lower than 20% the level to pass might get corrected to only need 40% of the exam, even if than still only 30% will pass the exam.


Der Besuch von Vorlesungen (Präsenzstudium!), Tutorien und nicht zuletzt der wöchentlichen Einsichten von Altklausuren führt erfahrungsgemäß zu einer ausreichenden Vorbereitung auf die Prüfung. Es steht außer Frage, dass man das Modul mit bloßem Auswendiglernen kaum bestehen wird. Wer nicht fähig ist, gewisse Transferleistungen zu erbringen, ist an einer (Fach)Hochschule u.U. nicht richtig

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  • on 25 Jul 2019

    Management Accounting is an important topic for the International Management Programm. Still, it does not mean that it should be made impossible for the students to at least pass the respective exam! If we are supposed to apply specific methods, it would make sense if we are taught those methods and not that we have to come up with completely new ones. In most of the tasks (except for the theoretical ones) we were confronted with totally new ideas, which many students were not able to solve at all with the basics taught in class.

  • on 14 Jul 2019

    The exam was nothing compared to what was taught in class. While writing the exam i knew that even if i give my best, i would either get a 4.0 or probably fail. This made me demotivated to even try the questions and give up my first attempt of the exam to fail. I would like to be able to answer the questions in the exam, so i would like to either be trained to at-least be able to write such an exam or i would like the exam to be within the scope of what was taught in class.

  • on 13 Jul 2019

    Das Studenten nicht aufgrund eines Faches, welches keinen direkten Bezug zum Tourismus hat, exmatrikuliert werden. Zudem, ein hoher Lernaufwand nicht ausreicht, um die Prüfung zu bestehen.

  • on 13 Jul 2019

    Ich war sehr gut vorbereitet für die Klausur. Hatte alle Tutoriumsaufgaben problemlos verstanden, war bei jedem Tutorium und jeder Vorlesung anwesend und konnte alles, trotzdem waren die Aufgaben in der Klausur nicht ansatzweise so wie in VL oder T. Es war unmöglich die Aufgaben vollständig zu bearbeiten. Das Niveau war viel zu hoch und man hätte es nur mit seinem Material in der Zeit von einem Semester niemals lernen können, was er bei den Aufgaben von einem wollte. Das hatte nichts mehr mit dem Verständnis und der Anwendung des Unterrichtsmaterials zu tun.

  • on 13 Jul 2019

    I think this petition is necessary because the professor is obviously making the subject even more difficult and complicated for students and his expectations are too high and the way he treats the subject is inefficient and not geting good results with students there are many signs why this is the most failed subjects and many students biggest fear because of the difficult exams or the way the professor himself likes to say its an exam where only champions can get good points that is if most pass at all.

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