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Playgrounds in Aalen must finally become cigarette-free!

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Stadtrat Aalen, OB Frederick Brütting
223 supporters 155 in Aalen
16% from 940 for quorum
223 supporters 155 in Aalen
16% from 940 for quorum
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The toddler is playing peacefully in the sandbox on the playground when he suddenly holds a cigarette butt in his hands that was buried in the sand. The preschool child is sitting on the swing, but an adult is standing right next to him smoking. The child is forced to smoke passively.

Unfortunately, situations like this are a sad reality in our city. In Aalen it is still not forbidden to smoke on playgrounds. We want to change that! We demand a consistent ban on cigarettes in all public playgrounds in Aalen!


Playgrounds are NOT a meeting place for smokers, but a recreation area especially for children. They should be able to move freely and let off steam without being forced to inhale pathogenic cigarette smoke. In addition, cigarette butts in the sandbox pose a serious danger to babies and small children: they can put the butts in their mouths and poison themselves.

Nine years ago, the Städtetag Baden-Württemberg made a recommendation for smoke-free playgrounds. Numerous municipalities have already implemented the smoking ban in playgrounds, including Stuttgart and Heidelberg. In other federal states such as Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia, there has been a nationwide ban on smoking in playgrounds for a long time. In many other countries, such as France, children in playgrounds are better protected from harmful cigarette smoke and butts lying around. In Canada there are even high fines for violating the smoking ban.

We want children in Aalen to be able to grow up healthy. We therefore ask our mayor Frederick Brütting and the Aalen city council: Campaign for more child protection NOW! Decide on a consistent ban on smoking in all playgrounds in Aalen!

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