Since the decision of the European Court of Justice on the validity of the drug price regulation for prescription drugs, German pharmacists have been in existential need - to the extent that the entire German health care system and thus, local pharmacy coverage, are at stake.

The only option to maintain and secure safe, redundant and high-quality patient care in all its aspects (individual prescriptions, night and emergency services, especially on Sundays and public holidays, special care such as palliative care) and thus, fulfilling the legally consolidated care supply mandate, is a ban on the dispatch of prescription drugs and the enforcement of the validity of the drug price regulation for prescription drugs also for foreign suppliers.

This is largely seen as compliant with European law - and must be developed and resolved by German government promptly. Pharmacists and their teams, mostly women and a total of 150,000 employees, are now waiting for the Great Coalition to address this point of the coalition agreement and start implementing it.

For this reason we demand:

  • Acting Minister of Health Jens Spahn's clear commitment to the coalition agreement

  • prompt implementation of the prohibition on mail order with perscription drugs making full-use of all European legal instruments


Why this petition?

Due to political adjourn games, delays during the last term of office and an increasing number of closed pharmacies, the German health care system now is in a threatened position - a development which must be stopped.

150,000 highly qualified and family-friendly jobs are at stake - also the existence of all pharmacy owners must be considered. The established supply system which has grown for years is now threatened to thin out and later collapse entirely - all at the expense of patients. An adequate replacement by so-called mail order pharmacies is only an alternative at first sight and does on no account ensure a similar quality of care and supply with personal orientation towards the patient.

Please support your local pharmacy and help to sustainably maintain fast supply and effective consultation by the establishment of a ban on mail order perscription drugs.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung, Christian Redmann aus Ebermannstadt
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