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Resignation request to Director General of IAEA, Vienna, Austria, Dr. Yukiya Amano


Director General of IAEA, Vienna, Austria, Dr. Yukiya Amano, should get to know, that people all over the world are fully aware of his dangerously inadequate work ethics.
The people are asking Dr. Amano's resignation, effective immediately.


Dr. Yukiya Amano should never have been appointed Director General of IAEA in the first place, because his career gave reason to question his impartiality. (1)
In the IAEA reports on the Iranian nuclear program, many rules and regulations were repeatedly violated, such as:
1. Names of Iranian nuclear scientists were divulged - and several of them were assassinated later on, on Iranian territory!
2. IAEA is now asking for the third time to visit the Iranian military complex of Parchin, though it has no right to do so. IAEA is now repeating this request, though it had been granted by Iran already twice in the past, without any legal necessity.
3. IAEA has repeatedly relied heavily on secret agency material for the compilation of its reports on Iran, in spite of the fact, that the sources were based in countries openly hostile to Iran, such as Israel and the USA, thus raising deep-rooted doubts on factual value and impartiality of the ensuing reports.
1) www.guardian.co.uk/world/julian-borger-global-security-blog/2010/nov/30/iaea-wikileaks

In the name of all signers.

Potsdam, 05 Mar 2013 (aktiv bis 04 Jun 2013)

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