The problem: "Verdichtungswahnsinn" (compression madness) in Hamburg! At present, only about 8.5% of Hamburg's land area is under nature conservation! The surface pollution in Hamburg must be stopped immediately. Every green meadow, every agricultural field, fields, meadows, nature conservation areas, nature reserves, biotopes and public parks must be protected from exploitation. Housing and commercial space at any price - this must now be over. How does it work? For example with a popular initiative of the NABU starting 1.12.2017


The outdoor swimming pool Rahlstedt has been around for 85 years - since 1932. Where is it located? In the middle of the landscape protection area - and lies in one of the important climate axes of Hamburg, which is not only for "fresh air supply" of the Hamburg city center very important. Families that are not possible to go on vacation for example, use this park-like terrain of almost 30,000 square meters - also thanks to the low admission prices of the company Bäderland-Hamburg. This bath was "broken saved" - from earlier almost 250,000 visitors p.a. we dropped to just under 35,000 in 2013! From a connection to a running on the area district heating pipe to heat the bath is rejected by the city's own company Bäderland-Hamburg. Why? Housing- and land sale could "flush" up to 60 million euros in the coffers ...

Gracias por su ayuda, Wolfgang Trede de Hamburg
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