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Stop the blockade of health insurance companies in the care of severely disabled children/adults

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We demand:

  • no systematic questioning of medically initiated therapies or prescriptions by health insurance companies
  • direct assumption of costs for prescribed aids
  • without exception assumption of costs of medicines prescribed by specialists
  • no non-specialist expert opinions by the MDK
  • no expertises only after file situation
  • no delay of the therapies by long processing times of the health insurance companies
  • Reform of the MDK (conflict of interest with complete financing by health and nursing care insurances!)


Many families with seriously ill or disabled children experience stressful disputes with health insurance companies and the MDK when it comes to the provision of medical aids or other cost coverage.

Services are sometimes systematically refused with absurd arguments. The MDK often only serves as a justification for the intended rejection.

Thus specialist therapy decisions of the treating physicians are undermined, withheld from the affected person or unnecessarily delayed.

Please act NOW.

Thank you for your support, Ali Savas from Lüneburg
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