After the scientific conclusions of the last decades the government is urged to reevalue the regulation of cannabis.

The German Bundestag should file a lawsuit with the following content:

1.Hemp(Cannabis) shall be excluded from the illucent substance law, hemp shall from there on be treated as an agricultural product and subsistence supply.

  1. Laws regarding protection of the youth(JuSchuG) shall be extended analogally to the alcohol regulation, making the consumption and sale of cannaproducts with a thc-content over 0,2% illegal to minors under 18.


Hemp is one of the worlds oldest cultured plants and on the same side the most useful. For more than 10000 years hemp is used by man as a fibre, burning material and substistence supply. Today more than 20000 different products can be made with or out of hemp.

Mankind is more than ever dependant on the sustainability of creating resources. The use and commerce of hemp-products is currently forbidden under the harshest of punishments.

The current regulation meanwhile reminds more of a prevention for regulated growth of cannabis and or hemp. It seems contraproductive and stupid, for a civilization to consciously put one of the most sustainable and multifunctional natural resources down.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung, Victor Alexej aus Nürnberg
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