• Änderungen an der Petition

    01.12.2015 14:32 Uhr

    Demands updated
    Neuer Petitionstext: Dear Mr UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
    Dear Mr President of the United States Barack Obama
    Dear Mrs Chancellor Angela Merkel
    Dear Mr President Francois Hollande
    Dear Mr EUR Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker
    Dear Mr President of the EU Parliament Martin Schulz
    Dear Mr Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier
    Dear Mr Minister of Economic Affairs Sigmar Gabriel
    We hereby call on you to immediately terminate any accommodation of and concessions for the Government of the Russian Federation and its President Vladimir Putin (in particular also the prospect of lifting sanctions, as mentioned repeatedly in recent days) and to instead take immediately the following non-military measures and to maintain these until the Russian Federation has implemented all clauses of Minsk II and withdrawn from Ukraine in full, including returning the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, which has been annexed in violation of international law:
    1. Withdrawal of the Russian Federation's right to veto at the UN until the legal situation has been clarified
    2. 1.. Consistent implementation of the sanctions imposed
    3. 2. Withdrawal of the visa travel permits for the approx. 500 families of the ruling Russian class, whose sons and daughters partly live in "despised" Western countries.
    4. 3. Temporary exclusion of the Russian Federation from the Swift transactions system.

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