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gazo stays! Münster for the preservation of socio-cultural spaces

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08/24/2022, 12:24

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Einladung zum Tag des offenen gazos am 10.09.

Neuer Petitionstext:

The gazometer is an open social center where art, culture and feminist-emancipatory politics meet - from below! The gazo is a place by all for all. It is a non-commercial space for social exchange, for a participatory togetherness that has been fighting against isolation and for the integration of many interests and ideas for years. Here, people find connections, can express themselves creatively, celebrate district and encounter festivals, come together from the most diverse backgrounds - and all this without any compulsion to consume or economic interests. The gazo reflects needs that are neglected or ignored by the city and local politics: Communality without exclusion, displacement or discrimination; a testing of utopias. In a competitive city like Münster, such a cultural meeting center is a valuable and rare place. You are most welcome to come along at the open day of Gazo on September 10 or any other public event.

Neue Begründung:

The future of the gazo is uncertain - at the end of September '22, the rental contract with the Stadtwerke ends - then the collective, which has been playing at the site for years, is to leave. This would mean the end of the gazo as a publicly used property, as a socio-cultural center by all and for all. Without the gazo, there would be one less important feminist free space in Münster where we can exchange, educate, discuss and strengthen ourselves together.

The listed steel kettle and its grounds are to be secured in the long term as a meeting place for art, culture, social issues, political education and participation. Essential for this project is the form in which this should happen for the sozialpalast e.V., founded in 2020: Non-commercial and self-managed.

The collective does not want to make a profit with its cultural work that goes beyond the preservation of the place. The participation of a wide variety of people in the project is to be made possible and developed together with them; it is therefore a social, a participatory utilization concept. ThisYou utilizationcan find this concept will be published in a few days on the gazo'sgazo website:

Let's fight together for the preservation of this important place! gazo stays!

Unterschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Änderung: 137 (118 in Regierungsbezirk Münster)

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