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    Neuer Petitionstext: **It is 2020. Catcalling should be punishable.**
    Not every man does it, but every woman knows the problem.
    *Catcalling*, is one kind of verbal sexual harassment.
    *Catcalls* are not to be confused with compliments:
    *„Ey gorgeous“*, *„Ayy nice ass“* or inappropriate gestures and noises are not compliments.
    Catcalling is rather the exercise of dominance and power.
    Why does one do that in the first place?
    The answer is simple: because one can.
    ** Let **Let us all work together to make sure one cannot do it anymore.****
    Verbal sexual harassment is not an offence in Germany.
    A prerequisite for sexual harassment is sexually determined physical contact.
    So that means sexual harassment without touching is okay?
    ** The **The solution to the problem: Verbal sexual harassment needs its own place in the law.**
    Catcalling cases can be punished with fines, for example.

    Neue Begründung: Even more important than the fines is the awareness that is being created.
    German law should be a guide for what is right and wrong.
    A law against catcalling demonstrates that verbal sexual harassment is definitely wrong.
    Sounds abstract, elaborate and impossible to implement?
    ** In **In France, catcalling has been a criminal offence since 2018** and is punishable by fines of up to 750 euros. Catcalling is also illegal in Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands.
    You don't have to be a woman and you do not have to have a daughter or a sister to be against sexual harassment. **The Catcalling Law applies equally to every gender.**
    We talk about equality on a regular basis, but we are not moving forward, especially when it comes to legislation. Let us create a legal tool to defend oneself against oppressive and disrespectful comments.
    **It is 2020. Verbal sexual harassment should be punishable.**

    Unterschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Änderung: 36.350 (35.362 in Deutschland)

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