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Mrs. Quell, your request is understandable and justified, but I consider the way to limit the use of the law to be completely wrong and very susceptible to abuse. Therefore I decline. This problem is already present in the current criminal liability of sexual harassment: - "Harassment is not an objective condition, but a subjective feeling"; - "A demarcation from social adequacy is hardly possible [...] actually the facts of the case open upopens up an area of application for false suspicions, threats, revenge actions.
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I firmly reject your project because it would unnecessarily extend the legal criminal liability and lead to a legal situation that is very susceptible to false accusations between the sexes and will not lead to any real improvement for either women or men. What is needed instead is a new self-confidence/understanding for women and men, which in essence promotes a mutual encounter at eye level, instead of continuing to push women into the role of victims and generally defaming men as criminals.
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