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More staff in schools and day care centers in Bavaria

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2,138 supporters 2,078 in Bavaria

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05/12/2023, 14:38

Rechtsschreibfehler und eine Formulierung.

Neue Begründung:

Efforts have been made to improve the quality of education for years.

But: InThe practice itreality looks quite different:

Childcare in Bavaria is extremely bad: there is a lack of the absolute basisbasics - reliable childcare in everyday life. There is no more staff! The shortage of staff in schools and day-care centers has reached a level that simple basic education for children and young people can no longer be guaranteed.

Depending on which studies are used as a basis, the numbers of demand and shortage forecasts vary. The fact is that thousands of educators and teachers are already missing. It is not foreseeable that this will decrease, among other things due to high retirement rates, baby boomers and high migration numbers. The planned expansion of all-day care and the construction of further facilities will also lead to an increase in the need for personnel.

Statistical numbers of vacancies do not reflect reality. Absences due to illness etc. cannot be determined statistically, but lead to the ultimate collapse of the situation.

Day care centers:

Many facilities are struggling with reduced closing times, entire days and group closures. The remaining staff can no longer provide individual support. Not even the basic care in the morning can be provided. Funding offers are dropped. This comes close to harming the well-being of the child.


The schools are also lacking staff. There are many classes without their own class teacher. In the school year 22/23, one entire lesson required by law was canceled in elementary schools. There are no mobile reserves, so that in the case of illness, further training, etc., there are no lessons. Many postspositions are vacant in the secondary schools, so that there are no classes here either. However, this knowledge is required in the curriculum for the following year. Parents are expected to impart this knowledge, regardless of the fact that many parents have no opportunity to do so. Especially children from socially disadvantaged families have no chance.

Many suffer; sometimes they are forced to act illegally:

The children who are still suffering from the consequences of the corona pandemic are not receiving reliable and high-quality basic support and education. There is already a lack of the opportunity to learn the language and simple basic rulesbasics at an early stage. The lack of basic knowledge canis usuallydetrimental nofor longertheir be made up for.future. The children also suffer psychologically, because they are constantly given the feeling that they are not wanted.

The parents themselves can no longer reliably work or attend language courses, for example. Organizational overload and frustration ensue. There are financial limitations and problems with employers etc. Parents with small children do not get job opportunities because they are too unreliable. There is no legal way for parents to take paid time off in the event of a loss of care. They have to call in sick themselves or their child illegally - sometimes with advice from the youth welfare office - in order to be able to look after their own child. Even home office cannot solve the problems, because you have to do the work there too.

The management of the facility only has to deal with organizational tasks instead of actually supporting the children. Among other things, they are forced to distribute children to other groups every day, to organize closing times, to inform parents about failures. They must unlawfully increase group sizes and increase the staffing ratio. They have to put up with violations of their supervisory duties, are liable for them and have to put up with their parents' displeasure.

Educators and teachers can no longer pursue the desired activity. The professions are chosen with the idea of being able to do meaningful work with children. Due to the lack of staff, they become pure "keepers"."supervisors". They are forced to exceed the legal limits of the duty of supervision and pushed to the breaking point. A downward spiral follows: The more staff is missing, the fewer opportunities there are to be able to shape the profession in a meaningful way according to one's ideas. There is dissatisfaction and overload. This is followed by further illnesses, reduced hours, early retirement. The next generation cannot be taught to enjoy their job. Every intern only experiences a stressed, unsatisfactory everyday life at the breaking point and takes - understandably - another job.

The consequences for the economy as a whole are significant. Employers have to accept an increased loss of their workforce.

The social divide is widening. Especially children from socially disadvantaged families no longer have the chance to get the same education.

Unterschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Änderung: 524 (509 in Bayern)

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