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    at 07 Aug 2020 09:23

    Added some information about what's happening when we reach the goal.

    Neue Begründung: According to the manufacturer, the current Philips Hue Bridge is suitable for 50 lamps, theoretically up to 63 lamps are possible. For many smart home owners this is no longer enough - and they have to install a second bridge, which means a lot of comfort is lost.
    Philips Hue launches dozens of new smart home lamps every year, and recently only addressed newcomers with the Bluetooth enhancement.
    But what about longtime users who have upgraded their system to 60, 70 or even more lamps? That is no longer a rarity. Because of that Signify should finally do something and make Philips Hue better than it is now.
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    As soon as we reached the goal, I will contact Signify and let them know what we all want.

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