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    Vaccine opponents, vaccine critics, vaccine sceptics, vaccine hesitants, vaccine dissenters, anti-vaxxers, vaccine injured, vaccine victims, health advocates - as they are named or call themselves, are people who consciously want to take care of their health without vaccinations. In short, I believe vaccine critics are being slandered in the media in order to systematically marginalize them by all means available.1
    Although complementary / alternative medicine is enjoying increasing popularity, public service television and radio are being misused as a platform for abusive "comments" and "satires" to persecute vaccine critics.2
    critics.2 How can I say that? Because by watching or listening I notice myself being manipulated into rejecting vaccine critics as a group.
    One day after the first hearing of the Ethics Council on 21.02.2019 the following comment was made by Dr. Ing. Holger Ohmstedt and aired in Tagesschau NDR:
    "Declared anti-vaccinators behave like freeloaders, they benefit from the fact that the majority of us vaccinate. Only by this do they reduce their risk to catch bad infections, but they themselves do not want to contribute to this protection. Mandatory vaccination could end such antisocial behavior. But in Germany, it would not be enforceable, and I even fear that radical vaccine opponents would be strengthened by seeing it as a conspiracy between politics and the pharmaceutical industry. Because they trust fake news from the Internet more than they do doctors, who assess the risk low to be damaged by immunization. Their mistrust of vaccination often springs from the same source as their anger at established political parties or the elites who want to poison them while vaccinating with chemicals. Anyone who wants to believe in myths and conspiracies cannot be convinced by scientific arguments. Therefore, public pressure on them must increase. And that's why educational work is so important. Vaccinations are a service to the general public. Not only the victim is protected, but also his surroundings. And just as clearly must be said that vaccine opponents irresponsibly put the health of many people on the line. Health is not exclusively a private matter, something that only concerns doctor and patient. Health is a value in our society - for which everyone should work. "3

    Unterschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Änderung: 225 (214 in Deutschland)

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