Barrier-free funfair stroll in Düsseldorf

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The unevenness of the floor, where the rhine fair is held annually, must be urgently adapted for wheelchair users. Consideration must be given to the possible change in the layout of the fair. Therefore, a kind of relatively thick, firm mat in sections would possibly be an option. This would allow them to be laid individually against each other and compensate for the severe ruts and bumps. Also, going up & down could still be made possible, unlike plates made of metal etc.


Anyone who has been to the fair may have seen it. Or rather heard it - rattle, squeak, groan. The route across the fair is a pure disaster for wheelchair users due to the extreme unevenness. They get stuck many times and for them as well as for their companions it becomes a jerky, certainly not enjoyable ordeal. On most/all?! rides they can't even get on - so why does the actually nice and comfortable stroll have to be made so difficult? Does that require statistical statements? I think it's quite clear why this is not an acceptable condition.

For example, the problem of uneven paths can also be seen here: https://youtu.be/5QLMU__3XXU?t=71

And there the path is still far "better" than at the rhine fair.

Thank you for your support, Nathalie Schäckel from Düsseldorf
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