The German Bundestag is requested to adopt a reduction of the value added tax of female hygiene products from 19 percent to max. 5 percent. The "luxury tax" on female hygiene products needs to be abolished to ensure gender equality.

The reduced value added tax of 7% is applied to so called essential products. Yet alongside vegetables, meat, coffee or toilet paper, products like hotel rooms, cinema tickets, truffles, art objects or even turtle meat are also taxed at only 7 percent. Whereas female hygiene products like tampons, sanitary pads or menstruation cups, are taxed at the standard rate of 19%. How can this be fair?


Female hygiene products are taxed by 19 percent of value added tax. This is injust, as not all human beings have the period. Human beings with period pay 1.650 € more in their lifetime.

An example: Total amount spent over a woman’s fertile lifetime totals to 8.600€ of which 1650€ (19% of 8.600) spent in taxes alone. The average fertile span of a woman is 40 years (12 to 52 years) Number of periods over a life time: 40 × 12 = 480 periods On average a woman spends 215€ (8.600 ÷ 40) per year on periods and approx. 18€ (215 ÷ 12) per month or per period cycle.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung, Monika Butterweck und Helena Serbent aus Berlin
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